Software Engineer

I am a Bachelor of Software Engineering graduate from the University of Newcastle Australia. I have a strong, specialised skill set in Web Development, IoT, AR, Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems and User Interface Design.


Mitchell is a Software Engineering graduate from the University of Newcastle. Over his time at University, Mitchell has developed strong skills in many aspects of software development, whether it be individually or part of a team. Mitchell has an interest in all aspects of computing, but is particularly interested in App and Web development, having broadened his knowledge of these topics over the years.

During his undergraduate Honours thesis, he created an Augmented Reality iOS application to be used in schools as a means of teaching children important mathematical and nutritional knowledge. This app was used as a fun and exciting way of teaching children to estimate volumes of foods, steering away from conventional pen and paper methods.

Mitchell’s language competencies include:

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Swift
  • T-SQL
  • C++
  • Python

His technology competencies include:

  • Angular
  • GraphQL
  • Firebase
  • Python Framworks (Django, Flask)