Shellshock Thermal

Thermal imaging technology for advanced hot work monitoring capabilities

Introducing Shellshock Thermal

Elevate Your Safety Standards with Shellshock Thermal
​Step into the new era of workplace safety with SAPHI’s Shellshock Thermal imaging device, equipped with Flir thermal imaging technology. Tailored for high-risk industries, Shellshock Thermal delivers unparalleled precision in monitoring hot work operations, ensuring maximum safety in mining, construction, manufacturing and beyond!

Why Shellshock Thermal?

Unlock unparalleled safety in high-risk environments with SAPHI’s Shellshock Thermal System.

Shellshock Thermal Offerings

This comprehensive overview is designed to offer you a clear understanding of what our state-of-the-art system encompasses, ensuring you’re fully informed about the capabilities and enhancements this solution brings to your operational safety measures.

Simple Deployment

Sophisticated algorithms & data to identify temperature increases, making it ideal for early detection of hot spots & fire.

Alarm System

Tailor alarm settings to meet your needs, ensuring that you can respond quickly to thermal events.

Remote Configuration & Monitoring

With integration of 4G LTE technology, the Flir A70 system can be accessed, configured, and monitored remotely, ensuring flexibility & oversight from anywhere.

Automated Alert System

Receive instant alerts via email or SMS during critical hot spot events, enabling rapid response to potential hazards.

Key Benefits

Early detection & alerts can reduce the risk of heat related incidents & ensure you're always ready to act. Remote monitoring & configuration allow for efficient system management.

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For in-depth information on our Shellshock thermal imaging device, including technical specifications and detailed capabilities, please reach out. Our team is ready to provide personalized support and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to learn how Shellshock can meet your needs.

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