Shellshock Edge

Powering the future of mining with advanced edge computing devices

Introducing Shellshock Edge

Elevate the capabilities of your mining equipment with an Australia-designed, developed and manufactured edge computing device.

Designed to thrive in harsh mining environments, this device ensures seamless integration with existing systems, robust data logging, and reliable cloud synchronization, even with intermittent internet connections.

  • Rugged
  • Robust Connectivity
  • Enhanced Control
  • Superior Data Management
  • Scalable
  • Remote Management
  • Fully Supported

Shellshock Edge is not just a component; it’s a comprehensive upgrade to your mining operations, providing the robustness, connectivity, and scalability required for modern mining challenges.

Edge Computing Device Ideal for Operations


Reliable Data Logging

The robust local storage capabilities safeguard critical information, allowing for uninterrupted data collection and analysis even during periods of internet outage.


Seamless Cloud Sync

Once connectivity is restored, the device automatically synchronises logged data with the cloud, providing up-to-date insights and analytics. Ensuring that the most current data is always available.


Extended Functionality

Leveraging visual monitoring capabilities can improve safety and performance. While integrating various sensors can offer deeper insights and control, enabling optimisation.

By incorporating Shellshock Edge into your operations, you can achieve unparalleled data accuracy, enhanced remote monitoring, and a significant boost in overall productivity and safety. This integration ensures that your organisation operates at peak efficiency, providing a solid foundation for future technological advancements and operational excellence.

Why Shellshock Edge?

Shellshock Edge is a powerful edge computing device designed to capture, process and communicate the data most critical to your operations.

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