Sewer & Water

Managing vast waste and water networks is complex, and people demand a higher quality service every day. This means monitoring sewer environments and the health of your water is essential to keep everyone happy & healthy. We can help measure and automate many of these tasks through the power of IoT.


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Outcomes You Want

Make Your Service Smarter

The demand for smarts in utilities is evident, and you understand better than most what value these insights provide. SAPHI understands this value and is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to develop the systems needed to provide it.

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Smart city

Free Up Your Staff

Free up your staff to focus on value-adding activities rather than tedious manual maintenance activities.

Prepare For The Future

Having valuable remote insights into your water & sewer networks is becoming increasingly important. SAPHI can help ensure you do not fall behind the next technology curve.

Turbidity Monitoring System

Want to achieve your goals efficiently?