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In the bustling arena of machinery manufacturing, the demand for robotics automation is escalating. As a leading robotics company in Australia, we stand apart. Amidst the plethora of solutions available, our tech-agnostic stance ensures that we provide unbiased expertise, steering you towards the perfect fit for your needs. It’s not about the brand; it’s about the best solution. Dive into our approach and understand why top machinery manufacturers deem us their go-to robotics partner in Australia.

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At SAPHI, a leading robotics company in Australia, our dedicated team specializes in crafting custom automation solutions. Combining both hardware and software expertise, we unlock unprecedented value for businesses nationwide. Choose us and discover why we stand out as a preferred robotics company dedicated to tech-agnostic innovation.


Crafting solutions tailored to your unique needs without being tied to any specific brand or platform


Taking you from initial concept through to commissioning & ongoing management

Fast Turnaround

Delivering swift solutions with unparalleled efficiency: ensuring on-time results when you need them most

Ongoing upgrades

As your requirements shift, we adapt our solutions, ensuring sustained continuous improvement

Who Automates with saphi?

Robotics Automation across industries

Our robotics automation specialists stand out in the landscape of robotics companies in Australia. We deliver powerful, tech-agnostic automated systems that offer enhanced capabilities across diverse industries. 

Machinery Manufacturing

Tailored solutions targeted at helping machinery manufactures automate manual processes


We craft state-of-the-art robotic solutions that enhance safety and optimizing operational performance.

Heavy Industry

Driving innovation in heavy industry through advanced robotics automation of manual processes


Enhance productivity, ensuring sustainability and precision in every step of the farming process

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