Progress Milestone

Today SAPHI met another client milestone by now running animations efficiently on RGB panels from low cost embedded controllers.

So what exactly was our client’s problem?

Our client needed blank RGB panels to be configured to display animations that could be controlled via an intuitive web app.

Our solution?

SAPHI used NodeJS, C and embedded Linux to program our RGB controller and an angular front end (via a Firebase database) that would sync with the controller to enable a user to alter the display of the panels from anywhere in the world, our Ground-to-Cloud solution.

How does the controller display an animation?

  • A user finds a gif online they would like to use and upload it to our server via our custom-built Angular web app.
  • Our Firebase cloud functions then resize the gif to that of the target RGB panel and let our RGB controller know that the gif is ready to be displayed.
  • The controller then retrieves that image from the server and saves it to local storage.
  • The controller will then extract each frame from the gif and convert it into individual RGB values.
  • Finally, the controller sends the RGB values of each frame to the panel at 20-30 frames per second! Forming the animation you see.

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