PH Data Logging System

Our product development team at SAPHI was chosen to design and build a custom PH data logging system that was used as part of a government-funded study into the effects of PH on crops and weeds during the spraying process

PH logging system

COVID Tracking System In UK

Our product development team at SAPHI designed & built a wearable COVID tracing system that allows users to trace the interactions they have had with people infected with COVID via an intuitive, custom-built app.

CAN Bus Sniffer For Predictive Analytics

Our systems integration team at SAPHI designed & built a CAN Bus Sniffer system that extracts data from mining assets for integration into a predicitve analytics & maintenance system.

Product development company smart signage

SMART Signage

A fully customisable system that allows users to control digital signs via a custom built app.

IoT Water Tank Monitoring System

An end-to-end IoT data logging system that is monitored & controlled remotely via a custom-built app.

Software company newcastle product

Search & Rescue Robot

A VR operated search & rescure robot designed to complete search & rescue missions.

Life Saving Drone

Augmented reality control system that determines GPS coordinates of the distressed for drone navigation using visuals alone.

Augmented reality system
Bulkmaster Newcastle

Bulkmaster 7 LOADPlus

Writing the LOADPlus control system software & user Interface for the Bulkmaster 7 explosive delivery system.

LOADPlus Underground

Assisted in developing the underground control system & user interface that makes up Orica’s LOADPlus underground software.

Systems integration


Digital resume that enables recruiters to rapidly identify & screen programming talent.

Blastfurnace Meetup

A monthly educational tech meetup our team at SAPHI run, targeted at programmers of all levels.


Automated Test System

Automated test system that Ampcontrol uses to reliably & efficiently test their products.

Helicopter Simulation 

Advanced helicopter simulation system utilising haptic feedback that accurately replicates scenarios for training purposes.

Helicopter Simulator