Wind Turbine & Weather Monitoring System

Wind Turbine & Weather Monitoring System

Our IoT development experts created an edge computer system to monitor, record and display real-time weather and renewable energy performance data

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Diffuse energy

Who Was Our Client?

Diffuse Energy is an Australian small wind turbine manufacturer and supplier. Their wind energy system complements solar PV and batteries for microgrids in the telecommunication and critical comms markets. 

Diffuse energy

What Problem Did Diffuse Need SAPHI To Solve?

Diffuse needed a system to collect data from their custom-built turbine controller to monitor and track the performance of their assets remotely. Additionally, they wanted to integrate weather stations into their assets to monitoring efficiencies based on real-time weather data.

IoT development company

What Was The Solution?

SAPHI designed and developed an end-to-end custom IoT system from the sourcing, customising and programming of the hardware in remote locations through to the development of the cloud architecture that acts as the medium between the controller and the intuitive custom web app our team developed to enable the Diffuse team to monitor and track their assets remotely.


What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

SAPHI leveraged its expertise in a broad range of areas to construct the system, including:

  • NodeJs
  • Angular
  • PCB Design 
  • RS-485 communication protocols
  • CAT-M1 wireless communication protocols
  • Google Cloud Platform (Firebase, BigQuery)
Diffuse energy

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

For existing systems SAPHI provides continued support and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition of asset ownership. Additionally, Diffuse has continued to engage SAPHI to develop additional systems for their latest phase of asset deployment.

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