Turbidity monitoring system

Turbidity Monitoring System

Our IoT developers at SAPHI designed & built an end-to-end turbidity monitoring system that enables users to remotely monitor the turbidity of their water via a custom mobile & desktop app

Turbidity Monitoring system
Turbidity monitoring system

Who Was Our Client?

Turbid Water Solutions (Turbid) provides end-to-end water treatment solutions for the construction and mining industries.

What Problem Did Turbid Water Solutions Need SAPHI To Solve?

Turbid received numerous requests from clients to provide a low-cost yet robust turbidity monitoring system that they could deploy into the field simply and monitor readings via a mobile app.

Turbidity Monitoring System

What Was The Solution?

SAPHI designed and developed a turnkey turbidity monitoring solution that enabled users to connect to the device via a custom mobile and desktop app and monitor the readings. We also designed the system in such a way that users can customise the recording intervals for greater flexibility in the insights they receive.

Turbidity Monitoring system

What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

SAPHI leveraged its expertise in a broad range of areas to construct the system, including:

  • C
  • Flutter 
  • Device electrical setup specification
  • Solar power management circuitry to allow up to 6 days of power without sun
Turbid water solutions

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provided three months of ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition of asset ownership to Turbid.

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