Smart Signage

Who Was Our Client? – Spike Design

Spike Design is a Sydney based bespoke signage company, servicing clients Australia-wide.


What Problem Did Spike Design Need To Solve?

Spike was contracted to deliver a smart signage system for internal display at a large Commonwealth Bank facility in Sydney. The client wanted a fully customisable system that would allow users to control what appears on the signs via an app.


What Was The Solution?

The smart signage project required a full end-to-end solution from sourcing and designing specific hardware to developing cloud services and cross-platform applications. SAPHI’s design allowed animations and images to be uploaded over the air to signs of any shape and size via a cross-platform app. The application and controller were able to cope with internet dropouts and allowed for offline mode capabilities.

Web development


What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

The tech stack and experience required for this job included a broad range of skills from our team of computer, electrical and software engineers, including:

  • NodeJS
  • C++
  • Angular
  • PWA
  • No SQL Database Design Implementation


Ongoing Support?

SAPHI provided three months of on-going support and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition of asset ownership to Spike Design.

Spike Design