Remote Controlled Irrigation System

SAPHI produced a scalable remote controlled irrigation system for an established Australian Agri company to innovate the way irrigation is currently implemented and managed.

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What Was The Problem?

An established Agri company approached our team looking for a better solution to existing irrigation systems. Our client wanted us to provide an alternative method of irrigation control that didn’t require a physical connection and remove the immense amount of trenching needed to lay those connections.

What Was The Solution?

The engineering team at SAPHI developed a low powered remote controlled irrigation system to enable our client’s customers to control their farm’s irrigation activities remotely. Our team designed the system for scale and successfully achieved a per-unit cost that was attractive to the market.

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Thousands saved in trenching & cabling
  • Reductions in water usage
  • Improved system reliability
  • A scalable product line

What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

The tech and experience required for this job included a broad range of skills from our team of computer, electrical and software engineers, including:

  • Embedded microcontroller development
  • Encrypted RF communication development
  • Solar & battery power integration
  • Low power device analysis
  • Custom PCB design & implementation

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised support packages to manage the full system life cycle from ongoing maintenance through to the design and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

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