Smart Signage Display

SAPHI developed a bespoke smart signage display system for a major bank in Australia. The custom LED digital signage system was developed along side a custom mobile app that enables users to remotely control and edit the displays.

Smart signage display

Who Was Our Client?

Spike Design is a Sydney based bespoke signage company, servicing clients Australia-wide.

What Was The Problem?

Spike contracted SAPHI to deliver a smart signage display system for a large Commonwealth Bank facility in Sydney. The client wanted a fully customisable system that would allow users to control what appears on the digital signs via a custom-built app.

What Was The Solution?

The project required an end-to-end solution requiring significant hardware & software development to construct the smart signage display & mobile app that would enable users to control & operate the signs remotely. 

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Improved internal information dissemination
  • Improved internal wayfinding
  • Significant reduction in time to alter internal signage messaging compared to past system
  • Improved brand image

What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

The tech stack and experience required for this job included a broad range of skills from our team of computer, electrical and software engineers, including:

  • NodeJS
  • C++
  • Angular
  • PWA
  • No SQL Database Design Implementation

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised packages to support the full system development life cycle and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

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