Industrial PH Monitoring System

Our team at SAPHI was hired to develop and deliver a series of robust industrial PH monitoring systems as part of a government-funded study. The continuous PH monitoring systems developed by SAPHI were used to research the effects of PH on crop spraying.

Industrial PH monitoring system

Who Was Our Client?

A group of local farmers in partnership with UNSW.

What Was The Problem?

Farmers have always been concerned about water, and for a good reason, it is the lifeblood of their produce. A glaring problem currently affecting this valuable resource is the quality of the water itself which has dramatic impacts on the effectiveness of spraying. 

In recent years researchers have confirmed that much of the water sources in rural Australia is so far out of acceptable limits that it nullifies the effect of the chemicals used to spray crops. This problem sees farmers wasting tens of thousands of litres of water and tens of thousands of dollars on chemicals every year.

What Was The Solution?

Development of a robust industrial ph monitoring system that would withstand the harshest Australian conditions. Our team at SAPHI developed this continuous PH monitoring system in conjunction with an intuitive mobile application that enabled users to remotely monitor the data being captured by the devices.

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Two-week reduction in time to receive results on PH levels
  • Better decision making based on accurate real-time data
  • Thousands saved every year in wasted chemical
  • Thousands of litres of water saved from ineffective spraying

What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

SAPHI leveraged its expertise in both embedded and high-level software to construct the industrial PH monitoring system, including:

  • Flutter (for the app)
  • Device electrical setup specification
  • Power management circuitry 
  • Systems integration

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised packages to support the full system development life cycle and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

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