CYFFERLINX is a digital resume that programmers can use to show off their skills and recruiters can use to find the best talent.


What Problems is CYFERLINX Solving?

CYFERLINX is solving two major problems:

1. Helping programmers instantly and accurately represent their technical skills.

2. Helping recruiters instantly identify promising talent.


Why These Problems?

Coders have many accounts across a variety of platforms in which they hone their skills and upload their work. Managing these accounts is overwhelming.

What’s more, recruiters have no easy way to measure the skill level of the programmers they are looking for. They would have to sift through multiple websites to get a clear and well-rounded analysis of what each programmer is capable of and most recruiters don’t even have a coding background which adds another layer of complexity.

CYFERLINX is a web platform that solves these problems!


How is CYFERLINX Solving These Problems?

CYFERLINX makes life easy for each coder by linking all their coding platform accounts together. It automatically pulls their skills and experience into one location to create an online resume that’s always up-to-date. CYFERLINX gives recruiters the ability to not only find quality developers but categorise and assess them based on their actual skills.



CYFERLINX is SAPHI’s flagship product developed in-house by it’s team of engineers and web developers. The vision is to bridge the communication gap between recruiters and the technical talent they need. We want to help coders convert their skills into income by connecting them with recruiters and help recruiters find and validate the skills of good coders.


What Technology Did SAPHI Use?

To construct the platform, SAPHI engineers and developers leveraged their broad range of technical skills including:

  • Nodejs
  • Angular
  • API Integration
  • User Interface Design
  • Google Cloud Platform



Completion Date: Current
Location: Lambton, NSW, Australia
Website: cyferlinx.com