Combating Urban Heat Using AI

SAPHI was the technical integration lead for Australia’s largest smart green infrastructure project (SIMPACT) designed to combat urban heat in Western Sydney. 

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What Did Western Sydney University Say?

"I recently partnered with SAPHI for a complex IoT/AI project and was thoroughly impressed. Their team displayed exceptional expertise in IoT and AI, delivering solutions that were not only innovative but also enhanced the capability of our system. Their approach to project management was professional and transparent, making the entire process smooth and efficient. SAPHI's systems integration was key to the success of our project. I highly recommend SAPHI for anyone looking for cutting-edge tech solutions in a supportive, client-focused environment."
Sebastian Pfautch

SIMPACT Project Background

Dubbed SIMPACT (Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns), the project is a collaboration between the NSW Government, several universities and private industry to address the growing problem of heat islands in cities.

The project aims to leverage irrigation, IoT devices and artificial intelligence to cool the park’s microclimate for residents and visitors.

What Was The Problem?

Western Sydney was grappling with the rising problem of ‘urban heat’ and significant water wastage in our parks. Cutting edge research from Western Sydney University proved theoretically that optimizing the performance of its parks could pave the way for both a reduction in temperature and water conservation. However, the challenge lay in harnessing the right technology to bring this vision to life. This is where SAPHI came in.

What Was The Solution?

To address the urban heat challenge in Bicentennial Park, our approach was straightforward yet impactful. We tapped into the potential of optimizing the park’s irrigation system. By deploying 250 IoT sensors and 4 advanced weather stations, we gathered nuanced environmental data. This data, when processed through two tailored AI algorithms, yielded an optimized irrigation schedule. The outcome was not only a noticeable 4-degree temperature reduction but also an impressive 15% annual savings in water usage. Through this initiative, we demonstrated that strategic adjustments, backed by technology, could create a cooler, more sustainable environment for the community.

What Are The SIMPACT Objectives?

The SIMPACT project has several major objectives including:

  • 4-degree reduction in temperature
  • 15% reduction in water usage within the first year
  • Fully automated irrigation management

What Support Does SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised packages to support the full system development life cycle and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

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