Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a monthly meetup, competition & education session aimed at all levels of programmers. It’s an interactive Meetup that requires you to bring your own computer (BYOC).
Each Blast Furnace event is organised into two sections. The first hour is split into two parts; Coding for beginners in one section and coding competitions for intermediate and advanced coders in another. Following that we enjoy some Pizza and then come together to collaborate on a joint project where we can all learn from each other!

The Blast Furnace is a project developed in collaboration with The Business Centre to help it’s entrepreneurs learn to code. It also helps coders network with employers. As coders complete Blast Furnace coding competitions there scores and rankings are tracked using CYFERLINX. This create an active resource for finding and verifying technical talent in Newcastle.

SAPHI developed both the front and back end of the project. It’s and Angular front-end built on a Firebase back-end. SAPHI also runs and sponsors each monthly meet-up.


Completion date: Current
Location: 6 Dick St, Newcastle West NSW 2302
Partner: The Business Centre
Website: cyferlinx.com/blastfurnace