Automated Test System

Automated Test System

Our product development team at SAPHI designed & built an automated test system that Ampcontrol uses to reliably & efficiently test its products.


Who Was Our Client?

Ampcontrol delivers integrated electrical, electronic and control solutions to improve safety and efficiency in mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial applications.

What Problem Did Ampcontrol Need SAPHI To Solve?

Ampcontrol has a production line for manufacturing its products and was having efficiency problems when it came to testing through the assembly line. SAPHI was hired to make this process more efficient.


What Was The Solution?

SAPHI’s engineers and developers recognised that the best possible solution for maximising client outcomes was automation. SAPHI and Ampcontrol agreed that constructing an automated test system would be the best way for Ampcontrol to reliably and efficiently test their products.

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What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

SAPHI leveraged its expertise in a broad range of areas to construct the system, including:

  • Test Jig PCB Design
  • Hardware Specification
  • Test System Control Software
  • Test Sequencing Software for Unit Tests
  • PCB construction
  • Jig wiring and installation
  • Test system commissioning and documentation

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI continues to support the automated test system on an on-going basis as required by Ampcontrol. This includes working with production test engineers to help increase the capability of the system and provide basic training on the software development.

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