Automated Crane Load Levelling System

SAPHI developed a custom automated crane load levelling system for a mechanical engineering firm in Queensland to stablilise large loads when in movement.

Automated Crane load levelling system

What Was The Problem?

Our client was relying on the manual control of crane operators to maintain the stability of the load throughout movement. This process was unreliable and posed safety risks to both employees and the assets being transported.

What Was The Solution?

The engineering team at SAPHI developed a custom automated crane load levelling system built into the crane’s hook, preventing the load from slipping via real-time variable tilt control. 

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Significant safety improvements
  • Improved system reliability
  • Improved workshop efficiency 

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised support packages to manage the full system life cycle from ongoing maintenance through to the design and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

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