Air Quality Monitoring System Using IoT

SAPHI architected, procured, validated, configured and supported an air quality monitoring system using IoT for deployment throughout the City of Newcastle for tracking critical parameters of interest such as coal dust.


Who Was The Client?

City of Newcastle is a local government authority in NSW, Australia. Council employees over 900 staff helping residents and visitors live, work and play in Newcastle. Newcastle has six beaches, two ocean baths, five inland pools, 630km of footpaths, 350 parks and fields, 118 playgrounds, 634 buildings and structures, 798.5km of roads and plenty more. Council also manages Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle Museum, Civic Theatre and nine branch libraries.

What Was The Problem?

The City of Newcastle was determined to accurately map heat islands and coal dust movement throughout the City to gather insights into the effects on public health and which areas must be addressed. The innovative smart cities team needed a specialised integrator to source, validate, configure, deploy and manage a powerful air quality monitoring system to conduct their city-wide assessment.

What Was The Solution?

The engineering team at SAPHI architected and designed an air quality monitoring system using IoT to capture, store and transmit data into the existing council platforms. The data could then be visualised to monitor the heat islands within the city and the widespread movements of coal dust. This provides the necessary data to make informed decisions to make the city a safer and more pleasant place for residents

What Were The Outcomes?

  • Improve decision making
  • Improved quality of data for reporting
  • Safer environment for the public
  • Improved public sentiment 
  • Improvement of liveable spaces

What Skills Did SAPHI Use To Implement The Solution?

The tech and experience required for the air quality monitoring system using IoT included a broad range of skills from our team of computer, electrical and software engineers, including:

  • Embedded device configuration
  • Encrypted communication development
  • Solar and mains power integration
  • Device analysis & validation
  • Data integration into an existing platform

What Support Did SAPHI Offer After Completion?

SAPHI provides customised packages to support the full system development life cycle and implementation of upgrades to support the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.


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