AI Boat Height & Ramp Utilisation

SAPHI developed sophisticated AI models to analyse various boat ramp locations, and provide AI insights for infrastructure management.

What Did LMCC Say?

"Working with SAPHI has provided us with robust, real-time data processing at the source, meeting our privacy requirements and significantly improving our asset optimization and service management capabilities."
Daniel Hartin
Asset Optimisation

What Was The Problem?

Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) needed to monitor boat size and ramp utilization across multiple sites to improve infrastructure management and service optimization.

What Was The Solution?

Our team developed sophisticated AI models to capture the number of boats frequenting several major asset locations. The model then calculated boat height in order to categorise boat size. The features of the solution included:



  • Leveraging Existing Systems: We ensured seamless integration with the existing imaging infrastructure, avoiding the need for new hardware installations. This approach minimised additional costs and simplified the deployment process.
  • Accurate Models: Our AI models were trained to handle diverse environmental conditions including various lighting and weather conditions, ensuring high accuracy. Processes to calibrate the cameras to real-world coordinates were also undertaken, using these to measure the height of the target objects.
  • Scalability: The solution was designed to be easily scalable, allowing for future expansion to additional sites without significant changes.

What Was The Outcome?

The boat ramp utilisation monitoring system provided valuable insights for infrastructure management. Key outcomes included:


  • Real-Time Data: Enhanced decision-making with immediate access to utilization data.
  • Operational Insights: Improved understanding of boat ramp usage patterns, aiding in service optimization and proactive maintenance.
  • Cost Efficiency: Leveraging existing infrastructure minimized costs and facilitated rapid deployment.

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