Partnering with nbn®

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with nbn® New Developments, joining forces to address the unique and evolving needs of developers. This collaboration with nbn® Smart Solutions marks a significant step for Saphi as a tech-agnostic solution provider. Together, we’re committed to tackling urban heat challenges and enhancing the value of developments through advanced AI technologies.

smart city solutions

The Evolution of Smart Solutions

Our partnership with nbn was a natural fit, founded on a shared commitment to transforming urban landscapes into intelligent, sustainable ecosystems. This strategic alliance aligns closely with our core values and vision, providing us with a solid platform to harness nbn® Networks extensive capabilities. Through this collaboration, we’re empowered to deliver versatile, tech-agnostic urban solutions that significantly elevate the value and functionality of both developments and cities, paving the way for smarter, more connected communities.

The World's First Microclimate Control Project

A prime example of our innovative approach is the SIMPaCT (smart irrigation management for parks and; cool towns) project, currently operational in Sydney Olympic Park.

This initiative was designed with a clear objective: to combat urban heat and reduce water consumption. We achieved this by deploying 250 smart sensors across the park for critical data collation overlayed with two advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, all backed by the robust infrastructure of the nbn network.

This intricate system works by optimising the existing irrigation network, which in harmony with the greenspaces of bicentennial park reduces the suburb’s temperature by up to 4 degrees while also achieving an impressive 15% annual saving in water usage. It’s a tangible demonstration of how smart technology can create a more liveable, sustainable urban environment.

Smart City Solutions

What Developers of The Future Will Adopt

As we look to the future, the role of innovative technologies like our AI imaging technologies in urban development will become increasingly pivotal. For developers, the value of these AI imaging solutions is clear and multifaceted, and they are available now.

For example, SAPHI’s AI imaging solution ‘Shellshock AI’ (see here: Shellshock AI Making Developments More Valuable) affords developers the ability to gather precise insights into critical metrics such as the number of cars passing by their display villages, foot traffic in their stores, loitering times and the duration of each visit. These metrics offer deep insights into the appeal and value of various units, shops, and public spaces, translating into hard, actionable data on footfall patterns and space utilization.

Our partnership with nbn has been instrumental in scaling these solutions. It gives us the platform to expand our support and offerings without compromising our core values. This means our clients benefit from the best possible technology at a more accessible cost, backed by the reliability and redundancy of the nbn network.

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