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A multi-award-winning technology-agnostic solution provider, SAPHI delivers tailored solutions that operationalise advanced technologies in mining to enhance safety measures, profitability and operational efficiency.

Frequently solved problems

Are you experiencing any of these problems? Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, these are the common problems we solve for Mining Companies every day!

At SAPHI, we understand that defining a problem is the first, but often the most overlooked, step towards successful technological operationalisation in mining. If you’re struggling to pinpoint your technological pain points, our expertise lies not just in solution development, but also in nailing problem definition.

We meticulously investigate and understand your workflows, asset dynamics, and personnel interactions. Through this, we assist you in accurately defining the areas where technology can streamline processes, improve safety, and boost performance, thereby eliminating ambiguities and setting a clear roadmap for your mining operations.

At SAPHI, we excel in fast-paced, innovative environments where multiple advancements are in play. If your operation is seeking to pioneer new methodologies and integrate cutting-edge technologies, we are the partner you need.

Our expertise extends to rapidly designing, developing, operationalising, and supporting a myriad of mining innovations. We don’t just help you achieve your department’s KPIs – we position you at the forefront of the mining industry’s technological frontier.

Through robust software and hardware solutions tailored to your unique operations, we propel your mining activities into a new era of safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Navigating the ocean of technological vendors can be overwhelming. Each one claims their solution is the magic bullet to all your challenges. But in the world of mining, we understand that a single solution is rarely comprehensive enough.

That’s where SAPHI shines. We’re experts in analysing and deciphering the complex array of technology solutions available to match your specific operational requirements. Our strength lies in integrating multiple systems that work in harmony to realise your objectives. As a tech-agnostic firm, we’re not tied to any single vendor or technology. This means we’re able to mix, match, and customise solutions to your unique needs without any bias.

We go the extra mile to keep your best interests at heart. Our goal is not only to avoid vendor lock-ins and costly operational expenditure driven by vendors, but also to ensure you have the most suitable, efficient and innovative solutions at your fingertips.

Feeling the disconnect between your systems? This is a common problem that can halt progress and hamper efficiency. SAPHI excels in bridging these communication gaps within your technological infrastructure.

Our team of experts specialise in integrating cutting-edge technologies with your existing legacy systems. We understand the importance of preserving the functionality of established processes while progressively enhancing operational capabilities. By implementing robust and compatible technological solutions, we ensure that your systems can ‘talk’ to each other seamlessly.

At SAPHI, we ensure your technological evolution is a harmonious blend of the old and the new. We create a cohesive and operationalised technology landscape that enhances efficiency, minimises disruptions, and sets you up for a future of continued innovation and success

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SAPHI Specialise in Mining Technology

Operationalising an array of tech-agnostic mining solutions to enhance safety, boost profitability and supercharge productivity efficiencies.

Our expertise is encapsulated in five key areas, each designed to propel your operations forward through cutting-edge technology and intelligent design.

Mining Technology Process We use Australia-wide

Our mining technology solutions process has been refined over years of experience to merge into the following steps guaranteed to mitigate risk and maximise outcomes. 

Research + Review

We work with your team to analyse the objectives & define the solution required to achieve them.

Solution Design

Refine the critical requirements of the project & design a robust solution.

Proof of Concept

We convert the design into a POC to validate the technology & initial features.


Deliver a small scale field deployment to identify any final feature requirements.


With the technology validated & the requirements met, now it is time to roll it out.

Support + Upgrades

End-to-end support & upgrades to ensure your system continues to perform & improve as technology evolves.

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