SAPHI is your complete IoT service. We have the experience and design expertise to provide the best end-to-end IoT service solutions, customised to your needs. We take data from the real world and make it available to you from anywhere in the world, allowing you to exploit the power of big data.


Our Experienced Engineers

Have the expertise to provide solutions to all your embedded and app development needs. Our team is available to complete any number of projects that require data acquisition, automation, wireless communications and cloud solutions. If you have projects requiring experienced Python, C++, C, LabVIEW and ROS developers, we have you covered.

We Come To You

A custom IoT service can come in all shapes and forms but the SAPHI difference is our unmatched skillset of working side-by-side with your development team. We believe fast and effective communication is critical in ensuring projects are completed to the highest of standards and on-time, which is why we work on-site with your team.

Continued Support

SAPHI doesn’t just satisfy your IoT service needs and leave. We offer continued support and training of your development team to provide a smooth transition.

Need to remotely open gates or turn on irrigation systems? SAPHI will spec the best hardware to meet your control needs. These are the outputs of your system.

Want to monitor the moisture levels in your crops or the water levels of your troughs? SAPHI will specify the best sensors for your application. The sensors are the inputs to your system.

After collecting all your data it must be stored somewhere. SAPHI uses it’s expertise in IoT technology to get all you data securely to cloud. The cloud is the glue the brings your system together.

So how do you access your system remotely? SAPHI builds custom, intuitive web interfaces so you can have complete remote access to your farm, anywhere in the world, on your computer or mobile device. The interface is what lets you control your actuators and read your sensor data.