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As a multi-award-winning tech agnostic consultancy, SAPHI provides innovative ESG monitoring solutions and automation solutions using the latest in physical and digital technologies. We not only provide you with the data you need, but automate the actions that need to be taken!

Frequently solved problems

Are you experiencing any of these problems? Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, these are the common problems we combat through our custom ESG monitoring solutions

Struggling to collate the data necessary to demonstrate your ESG goals and successes?

At SAPHI, we develop systems to capture and integrate real-time data into your existing dashboards to provide you with the ammunition for demonstrating your ESG compliance.

Alarms mean nothing without action! We design our systems to not just notify you when issues arise, we automate the actions required to stem the issue until a staff member is available for a closer inspection.

For example, a burst water main detected? We automate the network to cut supply until repairs can be made

Constantly having to send people in trucks to go check pumps, machines etc?

At SAPHI, we specialise in designing, building, deploying & managing monitoring networks that keep you up to date & notify the team immediately when problems arise.

Do you need to capture data on assets but don’t want to choose the wrong technologies?

At SAPHI, we scour the market on your behalf, evaluating device companies to find you the right solution. Better still, we will even procure, configure, deploy and manage the devices for you as well

Are you struggling to get your systems and assets talking with one another?

At SAPHI, we are experts at writing the software required to connect your assets and systems together to maximise performance

ESG Solutions Process We use Australia-wide

Our ESG monitoring solutions process has been refined over years of experience to merge into the following steps guaranteed to mitigate risk and maximise outcomes. 

Research + Review

We work with your team to analyse the objectives & define the solution required to achieve them

Solution Design

Refine the critical requirements of the project & design a robust solution

Proof of Concept

We convert the design into a POC to validate the technology & initial features


Deliver a small scale field deployment to identify any final feature requirements


With the technology validated & the requirements met, now it is time to roll it out

Support + Upgrades

End-to-end support & upgrades to ensure your system continues to perform & improve as technology evolves

ESG Technology for maximum value

Tech agnostic ESG monitoring solutions + automation to boost efficiency and compliance 

Environmental Monitoring

Developing, deploying & managing the systems required to capture the data you need

Data Integration

Integrating data streams into one central location for streamlined management and improved decision-making

Automated Actions

An alarm is nothing without action. We don't just notify you when something is wrong, we automate the steps to rectify the issue.

Support + Upgrades

On-demand support to ensure the ongoing success & improvement of your systems & to maintain future compliance

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