Life as a Linux developer can be frustrating

As a Linux developer, do you find it frustrating that your code stops running when you close your SSH session? Ever wanted to share a Terminal session with another user in real-time? Well here is a neat tip that will hopefully help you as much as it did my team.

Why tmux?

tmux is a quick and easy way to allow you to continuously run code even after you log-off a terminal session, giving you far more flexibility in testing code running on your raspberry pi. The real game-changer though is that it also enables you to share a terminal session with multiple users in real-time!

Let’s say you open up a new terminal session and are struggling with a problem and need some fresh eyes on the issue. You and your colleague can simply install tmux to your device, open up a new session and get your colleague to use tmux attach to share the terminal. Note; you both will need to SSH to the machine using the same account.

More good news

Another surprising benefit to this collaboration session is what happens when you need to leave a session temporarily. When you log off after starting the session with Tmux, your code will continue to run! Additionally, when you log back in, you will be able to view the logging that your code has done while you were absent, giving you more flexibility for testing.

Want to know more?

For additional tmux tips to help all you Linux developers out there, I have linked a cheat sheet that my team found helpful. Thank you to everyone for reading, and we hope you find tmux a great little addition to your day-to-day as a Linux developer. To read more articles about all things tech, be sure to check out our recently re-established updates page here.