Edge Computing

At SAPHI, our dedicated team specialize in leveraging edge computing technologies for your needs.

Edge Computing Solutions

At SAPHI, our edge computing solutions are designed to bring processing power closer to the source of data generation.

This approach minimises the need for data to travel long distances, reducing latency and exposure of sensitive information. Thereby ensuring faster decision-making, improved efficiency, improved privacy and greater resilience in diverse operational environments.


Our edge computing expertise encompasses remote data capture, control systems, and AI processing, making it ideal for industries that demand real-time data analysis and response.

Why Choose SAPHI's Edge Computing Services?


Remote IoT Data Capture

Our edge computing solutions enable reliable IoT data capture even in the most challenging environments. Whether you’re operating in remote locations or harsh conditions, our systems ensure continuous and accurate data collection.


AI Processing

Our edge computing solutions integrate AI capabilities, allowing for on-site data analysis and intelligent decision-making. This reduces the need for constant communication with central servers, saving bandwidth and improving response times.


Control Systems

Our edge computing streamlines operations by leveraging control systems to enable immediate responses to critical events, enhancing efficiency and safety. If you’re looking to enhance existing infrastructure or deploy new systems, we provide solutions that grow with you.

Our Edge Computing Devices

Our Shell Shock systems are designed to withstand demanding environments, our edge computing systems are built for durability and reliability. They ensure your operations continue smoothly, even when connectivity to central systems is intermittent or unavailable.

Shell shock edge computing system on ice.

Edge Computing across industries

With SAPHI’s edge computing solutions, you can harness the power of local processing to drive innovation and efficiency in your operations. Our expertise ensures you stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Discover how our edge computing solutions can transform your operations and unlock new possibilities for your business.


We craft state-of-the-art solutions that enhance safety and optimises operational performance.

Heavy Industry

Driving innovation in heavy industry through edge computing and automation of manual processes.

Machinery Manufacturing

Tailored solutions targeted at helping machinery manufactures compute and automate manual processes.


Enhance productivity, ensuring sustainability and precision in every step of the farming process

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