Simulator training has become increasingly popular as it allows for the training of personnel without mechanical and human wear and tear. Simulator usage is a great way to keep training costs down along with reducing the risk of injury to personnel while training for risky situations. Simulators are also a great way to objectively and accurately measure a personnel’s performance. Robotics is another area that has become increasingly popular in defence. Robots that can be controlled from a distance removes the human aspect from particularly dangerous tasks.


SAPHI provides a complete end-to-end solution. We can specify the right hardware for accurate force feedback, write the control software to seamlessly integrate with existing simulation environments and develop custom cross-platform user interfaces for commissioning and tuning the system insitu.

The actuators are what make the simulator realistic. They are mechanically connected to the controls that a trainee will interface with directly (e.g. the cyclic and collective controls of a helicopter). SAPHI has the expertise to specify and control the actuators to apply the correct amount of force feedback to the pilot while providing precise position data back into the control system for virtual control.

The control systems is the brain of the forec feedback system. It takes the positional feedback from the actuators and translate that information to data the external simulation environment can interpret. It then provides the correct force feedback on the control axis based on messages sent back from the external simulation software. SAPHI has the expertise to write robust controller code so your systems responds correctly and safely.

The interface provides a method for the trainer or tech support to tune and calibrate the system for the most realistic experience. The interface is cross-platform meaning the operator can tune the system on a desktop or mobile device, making it quick and easy to get the system response just right. SAPHI utilises it’s skill set in web development to build intuitive cross platform user interfaces to make it possible for anyone to perfect their simulation systems.


At SAPHI we strive to deliver custom end to end solutions for defence which can aid in developing realistic simulator control systems and robotics. With haptic feedback technologies improving in the areas of accuracy and response time the development of custom realistic simulators is now a reality. Robotics technology has improved to the point of being a crucial tool in performing complex tasks such as Search and Rescue or Bomb Defusal.

Custom end to end solutions come in all shapes and form but the SAPHI difference is the skill set available to complete any number of projects that require data acquisition, automation, haptic feedback, precision motor control using industrial controllers, robotics and system integration. With all these technologies at our disposal a custom application for robotic ground stations or web interface ties it all together for the end user to intuitively fine tune their product to make the simulator or robotic controls feel as life like as possible.