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Cities designed for ratepayers not vendors

As a multi-award-winning tech agnostic consultancy, SAPHI provides smart, connected solutions that give your team the flexibility it needs to produce ever-evolving value for ratepayers, NOT vendors.

Frequently solved problems

Are you experiencing any of these problems? Well, you are not alone. Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, these are the common problems we solve for Australian Cities every day!

Are vendors holding your City’s data hostage with expensive lock-in contracts?

At SAPHI, we help Cities around Australia achieve their objectives without relying on clunky and expensive vendors

Does your City have numerous dashboards, each telling only part of your City’s story?

At SAPHI, we specialise in consolidating data so you can view the whole story from one spot

Are you struggling to get devices to integrate with your database and dashboard?

Connecting devices and data streams with existing systems is in our DNA – it is actually what our name stands for (Software And Programmable Hardware Integration)

Are you getting constant pitch requests from vendors trying to sell your devices?

At SAPHI, we scour the market on your behalf, evaluating device companies to find you the right solution. Better still, we will even procure, configure, deploy and manage the devices for you as well

Struggling to configure, deploy and integrate the data from your devices into your database?

At SAPHI, we provide the expertise to set up your IoT networks for you. Additionally, we will produce the documentation you need to troubleshoot any issues, should you wish to manage the devices internally

Are you struggling to maintain your growing network of assets and connected devices?

As you add more devices to your connected community, it can quickly become overwhelming to ensure everything continues to work and the infrastructure you have worked so hard to deploy doesn’t fall over.

At SAPHI, we provide ongoing support and management packages so you can rest easy knowing that if anything needs attending, we’ll have it covered.

Connected Communities Process We use Australia-wide

Our connected communities process has been refined over years of experience to coalesce into the following steps that are guaranteed to mitigate risk and maximise outcomes for ratepayers. 

Research + Review

We work with your team to analyse the objectives & define the how the strategic vision can be achieved

Agnostic Solution Design

We leverage our decades of experience to assess the market & leverage the direct connect technologies right for you


Deliver a small-scale field deployment to identify any final feature requirements to meet the City's vision


With the technology validated & the requirements met, now it is time to roll it out to deliver maximum value for the community

Support + Upgrades

End-to-end support & upgrades to ensure your system continues to perform & improve as technology evolves

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