INNOVATIVE solutions Customised To You

Our experienced team bridge the gap between hardware and software to deliver custom solutions that match your needs. We aim to limit the capital expenditure required to implement your technology goals by reworking what you already have to work precisely how you need it—limiting waste, time and money.

Case Studies

Automated Crane load levelling system

Automated Crane Load Levelling System

Remote control irrigation system

Remote Controlled Irrigation System

Underground Development Charging System

World's First Mechanised Development Charging System

Software for predictive analytics

AI For Predictive Analytics

Renewable Energy Monitoring System

Industrial PH monitoring system

Industrial PH Monitoring System

AI imaging

AI Traffic Detection System

IoT Case studies

Turbidity Monitoring System

Life saving drone Australia

Australian Life Saving Drone System

Mining control system

Underground Mining Control System

Water level monitoring system

Water Level Monitoring System

Portable covid tracing device

GPS-Denied Tracking System

Bulkmaster 7

Bulkmaster 7 Explosive Delivery System

Plant imaging AI camera

AI Plant Imaging System

Search & rescue robot

Search and Rescue Robot - VR Controlled

Automation Solutions

Device Quality Assurance Saving >$100k

Haptic feedback system

Haptic Feedback System For Defence

IoT development company

Custom Smart Signage Display

Trigonometry app

Educational App For Trigonometry

Can bus vehicle system

CAN Bus Sniffer System For Predictive Analytics

Solar energy dashboard

Solar Energy Dashboard Display

Automated test system

Automated Test System For New Products