custom hardware + software solutions

Our experienced team bridge the gap between hardware and software to deliver custom solutions that match your needs. We aim to limit the capital expenditure required to implement your technology goals by reworking what you already have to work precisely how you need it—limiting waste, time and money.

Drone System to Create Mangrove Forests

Robotics company in australia. Industry warehouse and operations.

Workshop Utilisation Tracking Using AI

Crop Yield Tracking Using AI

AI company

World's First Outdoor Microclimate Control Project

Electronics solutions

World's First Mechanised Explosive Delivery System

Automation Solutions

Robotics Integration For Manufacturing

Dust Monitoring

Dust Monitoring System


Air Quality Monitoring System

AI Computer Vision

Smart City AI Traffic System

Bulk Master 7

Bulkmaster 7 Explosive Delivery System

robotics automation

Underground Mining Control System

Smart City IoT

Smart City IoT consulting + Deployment

Smart city solutions

Smart Henges

Automated Crane load levelling system

Automated Crane Load Levelling System

Software for predictive analytics

AI For Predictive Analytics

robotics company in Australia

Remote Controlled Irrigation System

Renewable Energy Monitoring System

Life saving drone Australia

Australian Life Saving Drone System

AI imaging

AI Traffic Detection System