GitHub announcement

GitHub announcement | 4 New Products

GitHub Announcement The latest GitHub announcement hit the press early this month, and there are some exciting new additions to the platform.   The announcement includes four new products designed to help software communities collaborate with another. In this post, …
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SAPHI - Embedded Programming

Embedded Programming and LEDs

Did you know that only two rows of the LEDs on this RGB matrix are turned on at any one time? The rows are simply turning on and off so fast that it appears as a solid image. This is …
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Embedded Programming and Ultra-wideband Positioning

What is Ultra-wideband Technology (UWB)? Put simply, UWB is a short-range, wireless communication protocol like WIFI or Bluetooth. UWB sends messages to a bunch of nodes and waits for a response from each one, and it uses the time it took to receive that response to calculate its distance. This calculation is using the "Time of flight method". A simple way to visualise it is - one UWB node sends out a "Hello message", seeing if any other nodes are out there, a nearby UWB node will hear this message then reply "hey I am here". The first node then uses the time it took to receive this message to calculate its distance relative to it.
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SAPHI - Linux developer

Embedded Linux Developer Tip

Life as a Linux developer can be frustrating As a Linux developer, do you find it frustrating that your code stops running when you close your SSH session? Ever wanted to share a Terminal session with another user in real-time? Well here is a neat tip that will hopefully help you as much as it did my team. Why tmux? tmux is a quick and easy way to allow you to
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New IoT System Protecting Our Farmers’ Water?

Summary We designed our Water Tank IoT system to monitor the water level of tanks. The Ground-to-Cloud IoT solution collects the water level data via an ultrasonic sensor that communicates this data to the user via a UI platform. We created a smart …
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SAPHI Launches!

We are excited to announce the official launch of SAPHI. SAPHI is an industrial software company.  We are a team who are passionate about creating smarter robotic solutions for our clients. Our engineers have the expertise to design and implement smarter and more efficient systems for a range of applications. We have experience working with clients across many industries including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, education, research, and development. There is no project too big or too small for our systems integration team – if you have a problem, we will find a solution! We thrive from the challenge!
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