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What is Machine Learning? – Explained with dogs

What is Machine Learning? ‘Machine learning’ has become a rather prolific buzz-word, one that has become especially prevalent over the past five years. Still, for a topic so often talked about, seldom do we see any useful explanations putting this …
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What is CAN Bus?

What the heck is CAN Bus?  You ask Google the question “what is CAN Bus (Controller Area Network System) and it will say this: “A robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s …
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Why Multithreading in Python is a must!

If you are coding for problems that have significant computational times, multithreading is a must! As a quick refresher multithreading is an industry practice that has been growing in popularity over the past ten years, and for a good reason! …
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RGB Animations with SAPHI

Progress Milestone Today SAPHI met another client milestone by now running animations efficiently on RGB panels from low cost embedded controllers. So what exactly was our client’s problem? Our client needed blank RGB panels to be configured to display animations …
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