Why Choose SAPHI?

Software Development Expertise

Our core strength is systems integration. We specialise in the complete, end-to-end specification of any system. From sourcing and programming hardware to developing intuitive user interfaces, our experienced engineers and developers cater for every step of the development process.

If you have a software problem, think SAPHI!

Who Has Chosen SAPHI?

  • Spike Design
  • BlueZone Group
  • Orica
  • Ampcontrol
  • Virtual Simulation Systems
  • Tribotix
  • The Business Centre

Our Mission

Is to provide you with robust ground-to-cloud software solutions, customisable to your needs.


Our Vision

To ensure our clients harness the full potential of technology.

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SAPHI Updates


Smart Signage

Smart Signage

The smart signage project required a full end-to-end solution from sourcing and designing specific hardware to developing cloud services and cross-platform applications. The project allowed movies and images to be uploaded over the air to signs of any shape and …

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SAPHI Software company Newcastle product

Water Tank Level Sensor

The tank level monitoring system was designed to track the water level of various tanks for farmers. The comprehensive system is a great example of SAPHI's Ground-to-Cloud service offering.

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Search and Rescue Tank

A Telepresence Control System allows for a more natural approach to controlling a complex robotic system.

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Augmented Reality Control System

Eric implemented a complete end to end solution by using a broad range of skills within the areas of Control System Design, Embedded Systems, Power Systems, Robot Kinematics, User Interface Design, Wireless Communications.

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What is CYFERLINX? CYFFERLINX is a digital resume that programmers can use to show off their skills and recruiters can use to find the best talent.   What Problems is CYFERLINX Solving? CYFERLINX is solving two major problems: 1. Helping …

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Bulkmaster Newcastle

Bulkmaster 7 LOADPlus

The Bulkmaster 7 is driven by the LOADPlus control system. SAPHI was contracted to help write the control system software and develop the user interface.

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Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a project developed in collaboration with The Business Centre to help it's entrepreneurs learn to code. It also helps coders network with employers.

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LOADPlus Underground

The Orica underground delivery systems are run by LOADPlus Underground software. SAPHI helped develop the underground control system and the user interface that makes up the LOADPlus Underground software.

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Helicopter Simulator

Helicopter Simulator Feedback

Virtual Simulation Systems develop industry leading simulators for the defence industry. Replica cockpits are combined with their TITAN simulation software to create realistic flight training systems.

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Automated Test System Support

SAPHI supports the automated test system on an on-going basis as required by Ampcontrol. This include working with production test engineers to help increase the systems capability and provide basic training on the software development. 

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