We Develop & Integrate Innovative Technologies

At SAPHI, we specialise in developing and integrating cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation and efficiency.

Not Your Typical Consultants

At SAPHI, we are not your typical consultants. We don’t just design solutions; we build, sustain and continuously improve them.


  • AI Imaging: Precision image analysis for mining, government, and manufacturing, delivering valuable insights and enhancing decision-making.
  • Edge Computing: Remote IoT data capture and processing in challenging environments, with edge control systems and AI processing to accelerate analysis.
  • New Technology Development: Comprehensive R&D, product enhancements, and technical IP development, fully owned by you, for rapid market entry and expansion.
  • Smart Operational Technology: Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions, including real-time monitoring and automation systems to boost productivity, safety, and efficiency.
  • Hardware + Software Integration: Seamless integration of hardware and software systems, ensuring smooth interoperability.


SAPHI’s mission is to leverage the finest proven technology and rapidly deploy it to give your organisation an edge in the market.

Integrating hardware and software

SAPHI Make emerging technology simple

At SAPHI, our difference lies in the seamless integration of emerging technologies with legacy systems. We don’t just chase the latest tech trends; we focus on how these advancements can be realistically integrated and utilised in your specific environment.

Multi-Award Winning

Recognised as a leading innovator.

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SAPHI are tech agnostic

We are completely tech agnostic, meaning we have no agreements with suppliers to recommend one piece of technology over the other. We simply use the best available technology and customise it to meet your specific requirements.

Robotics automation

SAPHI use A Proven Process around the world

Our development process has been forged and refined over years of experience to coalesce into the following steps that are guaranteed to mitigate risk and maximise outcomes.

Research + Review

We work with your team to analyse the objectives & define the solution required to achieve them.

Solution Design

Refine the critical requirements of the project & design a robust solution.

Proof of Concept

We convert the design into a POC to validate the technology & initial features.


Deliver a small scale field deployment to identify any final feature requirements.


With the technology validated & the requirements met, now it is time to roll it out.

Support + Upgrades

End-to-end support & upgrades to ensure your system continues to perform & improve as technology evolves.

SAPHI make emerging technology simple

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